Varkala is a popular name in the tourism industry and attracts crowds of tourists every year for its captivating allure. He is the only place in Kerala, where you can get the point of view of the cliffs near the Sea of Oman. This place is a paradise for nature lovers wishing to spend a few quiet moments away from the monotony of urban life. It is a jewel of Kerala, which recently informed the tourism industry of Kerala. Rapid flowering between different tourist destinations in Kerala, which is most famous for its beaches, resorts, spa and religious sites.

Varkala your travels, you come across a number of exciting attractions, including places of worship and dramatic natural beauty. There are many tourist attractions like Varkala Janardhana Swamy Temple Shree, Sivagiri, Varkala beach, Varkala Tunnel and preschool Nature. Varkala is a fascinating paradise, where is the fusion of culture and natural beauty. It is unlikely that express a desire to leave this place while you’re here. Visitors can enjoy numerous recreational activities, including adventure sports water on the beach in Varkala is famous for.

Varkala is a property of the station and offers plenty of accommodation for visitors. There are a number of hotels located in cities like Kovalam and offer modern amenities and variety of services for a pleasant stay. Among the luxury hotels, you can choose the Taj Garden Retreat, which is a famous name in the entertainment world

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