This ancient city was mentioned in Bihar Mahabhrata and Buddhist and Jain scriptures. He enjoys the distinction of being the first condition Republic Lichchavi dynasty, even before the Republic of Greece began. Vaishali is the birthplace of Mahavira, and the city where Buddha lived for five years and delivered his last sermon. It is also the hometown of the famous disciples of Buddha, the beautiful dancer and the monk Ananda Ambapali. Vaishali is also of great importance because it is the place where Lord Buddha began accepting women disciples in his Sangha. A large stupa believed to contain relics of Buddha was built by Lichchavis here.

The destination is 55 km from Patna and can be reached by crossing the 5.5 km longMahatma Gandhi Bridge over the Ganges. It’s a bit away from the village Basarh who stepped in when the English archaeologist, Alexander Cunningham found that the original site of Vaishali. Today he is one of the greatest strengths of the Buddhist tourist circuit.