Shekhavati lies inside the triangle, as Bikaner, Jaipur and Delhi – the region that is in the area. It’s a mini-desert region in northern Rajasthan. The region takes its name from its former leader Rao Shekha Shekhawati and the real meaning is “Garden Shekha.

The region is full of palaces (Havel) with magnificent murals. The whole region has mesmerized tourists Shekhavati million and was aptly dubbed the “Open Art Gallery” of Rajasthan. These century buildings 18 and 19 are distributed throughout the region Shekhavati. Shekhavati rich heritage of traditional arts, crafts and architecture.

Shekhavati is also home to some forts, minor castles, mosques, wells (baolis) and also the deer sanctuary. Ideally, the area would be forwarded Horse Safari Camel Safari, or enjoy a semi-desert and the formation of these well-preserved wall of painted Havelis. While the northern part of Rajasthan, it is common to find that most local Rajasthanis and Marwaris. Population is a genial and open, and all visitors are welcomed with open arms and a small tablet opium (Jaipur tradition).