Sarnath, formally Isipathana, was a famous place of worship near Varanasi. Sarnath Buddhism rules because that is where Buddha preached his first sermon, and so have become one of the four holy places in the Buddhist world. Sarnath derives its name Saranganatha (Deer God). Budhhism original Sangha was born in Deer Park, site of Sarnath and in this place Gautama Buddha first preached the Dharma. It is an important Buddhist pilgimage destination. It is a good place to meditate, take a step back and move on landscaped gardens and the ruins of Sarnath. The main attractions are Asoka’s pillar, the ruins of the century and the great stupa Mulagandhakuti old Dharma second man, also known as Dhamekha Stupa, built by Emperor Ashoka.

Buddhism flourished in Sarnath until the sixth century and females caused a trail of destruction and was replaced by Mahmud of Ghazni and Aibak Qutub-ud-din almost razed to the ground Sarnath which was left by females . British archaeologists excavated the site who heard the path to enlightenment of the Buddha, remained hidden in the ruins of the medium during the 19th century. The site has three times the value of archaeological, historical and religious. It is an interesting place to visit and see the cultural and religious heritage of India and Buddhism.

Sarnath is an important temple town in India. The city is relatively quiet and green, and so is a welcome alternative to Varanasi as the place to stay for visiting Ghats along the Ganges. There are many sets of temples to visit, which was built in modern times, for example, temples, Thai, Burmese, Korean, and Chinese temples, all of recent construction. In addition, there are three temples in Tibet and Japan in the temple. Sarnath is generally quiet and clean, and there is a clear Buddhist atmosphere.