Sariska National Park is one of the best known protected forests in India because it is also a famous tiger reserve. The park is an important component of tourism in Rajasthan, which is visited by dozens of tourists. Tourist Attractions in Sariska includes abundant wildlife, historic buildings in and near the national park, tourist sites near major fairs and festivals in the region.

Sariska wildlife includes many big animals, birds and wildlife. The vegetation varies depending on the topography of the park. The main species are Dhok, Khair, Tendu, Goria, Surwal and Ber. thorn bushes and grassland sparsely spread are also part of the flora. The animals are the real attractions in Sariska. Tigers, leopards, wild cat, caracal, hyena, jackal, fox and wild dogs down the list of carnivores here. The spotted deer (chital), nilgai, sambhar, porcupines, four horned antelope and wild boar are some of the herbivores in the forest. The park has an impressive bird population. partridges, sand grouse, quail, woodpeckers, kingfishers, great horns of an Indian, crested serpent eagle and are among the known bird species seen here.