Samode, ideal for a retreat in the desert located in the Indian state of Rajasthan royal. This gateway is located in the desert of a tourist destination second Shekhawati in Rajasthan. Samode is a small village is famous Haveli and strong. Samode is very close to the beautiful green hills of Aravalli. Samode is also known for its beautiful Samode Palace and garden. The best way to explore the Samode is on a camel during the day. This gives passengers a good idea for the surrounding countryside.

Places to visit popular attractions Samode

Samode Palace

In the desert, on the basis of dry hills and rocky is the large spread haveli (palace) of Samode that stand out in a quiet environment surrounded by hills wild splendor. Samode Palace, which belongs to the Rawal of Samode is about 400 years and has been transformed into a comfortable hotel run by the family. It is an interesting building to rely on three levels, each with its own backyard. The highlight is the exquisite Diwan-i-Khas, covered with original paintings and mirrors.

The strong Sheograrh

A half hour walk up steep stone steps leading to the ancient fortress Sheograrh. This is where Samode people took refuge in time of war. It is an austere building, based on traditional lines.

Samode Bagh

Three kilometers from the village is polychromatic flowering shrubs, fruit trees and green meadows of Samode Bagh. It is a walled garden which once served as a playground for Samode Palace. It is an oasis in the scope of resistant dry desert tan.


Shekhawati is approximately two hours of Samode. This small town is famous for its havelis with frescos and murals. This place is also called the living art gallery in the world.