Ranchi, the summer capital of the then State of Bihar and the current state capital of Jharkhand in India, is a picturesque town in the Chota Nagpur Plateau. He earned the name “Archi”, a word meaning Nagpur forest of bamboo. It is situated at an altitude of 2,140 m, completely covered with red soil. Ranchi has been blessed with many beautiful waterfalls, yes it can be described as a focal point for the charming waterfalls, rolling green areas, rocks and beautiful green valleys.

Places of tourist attractions are the many Ranchi for tourists who are looking for natural beauty, quiet and peaceful atmosphere and a challenging hill safari. Charming destinations include Ranchi Hill, John Falls Dam Kanko, Tagore Hill, Ranchi Lake, Hundru Falls, Jagannath temple, Hat Museum and the Tribal Research Institute and Museum.

Rancagua is famous for its exquisite hospitality divine tribal culture and the charming beauty of nature melt together in Ranchi to provide a real-life experience to its visitors. Rancagua is truly a gift of nature and Mother Earth. important forest area in and around Ranchi are very rich variety of trees and wildlife. Gambhir Maugh, salt, and while some trees are seen in these forests. Bears, nilgai, hares, chital and sambar are the animals most often lived in the forests of Ranchi.

The city plays an important role as a node in an industrial network. Many manufacturers such as Garden Reach, Usha Martin, etc. CMPDI apace in Ranchi.