Located at the confluence of four rivers Ganga, Sone, and Gandakand Poonpun, Patna has a history that goes back three millennia. With a country as fertile as the Ganges basin, it is not surprising that the region is so densely populated. This city was home to two great religions, Buddhism and Jainism, and the myriad dynasties from antiquity to modern times.

It is now a bustling metropolis was once the center of ancient culture and learning, Pataliputra, and the house of the great Mauryan and Gupta empires. There are several interesting sights in the midst of the confusion and chaos in the city, and a visit on the banks of the Ganges is also a pleasant experience.

Gandhi Maidan is the heart of this city today. About 6 miles from Maidan on Kumrahar you can explore the ancient ruins of Pataliputra. Of the 80 columns (Fa Hien in the 5th century AD, were pillars that shines like glass) excavations on the site, only one remains. Gandhi Bridge (5850m long) on the Ganges is supposed to be the longest river bridge in the world.