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Kapaleeswarar, an ancient Shiva temple, is the biggest temple in Chennai.

Other places to see in Chennai are

Sri Parthasarathy Temple,

The Santhome Cathedral Church,

St. Thomas Mount ,

St. Thomas ,

Fort St. George ,

St. Mary’s Church ,

Fort St. George ,

St. Mary’s Church ,

Kalakshetra ,

The Theosophical ,


Fort St. George ,

St. Mary’s Church  ,

Kalakshetra  ,

The Theosophical Society,

The Valluvar Kottam,

Birla Planetarium houses ,

The National Art Gallery ,

The Valluvar Kottam.

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100 Best Places to see in Indian Cities


Here are 100 best places- must visit places in India.

  • Kumbh Mela ,       Allahabad                                                  This is an event that occurs once in 12 years.
  • Tajmahal ,       Agra                                                                   Beautiful monument and wonder
  • Red Fort or Lal Quila ,       Delhi
  • Mysore Palace ,       Mysore
  • Jaisalmer Fort ,       Jaisalmer
  • Agra Fort ,       Agra
  • Tajmahal ,       Agra
  • Barabati Fort ,       Cuttack
  • Fun n Food village ,       New Delhi
  • Red Fort ,       Delhi
  • Akshardham temple ,       New Delhi
  • Gateway of India ,       Mumbai
  • Qutubminar ,       New Delhi
  • India Gate ,       New Delhi
  • Gayway of India ,       Mumbai
  • India Gate ,       Delhi
  • Connaught Place ,       New Delhi
  • QutubMinar ,       Delhi
  • Agra fort ,       Agra
  • Red fort ,       Delhi
  • Mysore Palace ,       Mysore
  • Jaisalmare fort ,       Jaisalmer
  • Amber Fort ,       Jaipur
  • Gwalior Fort ,       Gwalior
  • Shree Leathers ,       New Delhi
  • Fatehpur sikri ,       Fatehpursikri
  • Golkonda Fort ,       Hyderabad
  • Mehrangh fort ,       Jodhpur
  • Shaniwar Wada ,       Pune
  • Ranthambore Fort ,       Sawai Madhopur
  • Kumbalgarh fort ,       Udaipur
  • Jantar mantar ,       Delhi
  • Jantar Mantar ,       Jaipur
  • Tipu sultan fort ,       Palakkad
  • Barabati fort ,       Cuttack
  • Chittogarh fort ,       Bhilwara
  • Nahagarh fort ,       Jaipur
  • Jaigarh fort ,       Jaipur
  • Junagarh fort ,       Bikaner
  • Jhansi fort ,       Jhansi
  • Arnala fort ,       Vasai
  • Raigarh fort ,       Raigarh
  • Sinhad Fort ,       Pune
  • St. Angelo’s Fort ,       Kannur
  • Vellore Fort ,       Vellore
  • Tellicherry Fort ,       Kannur
  • ChitraDurga Fort ,       ChitraDurga
  • Ashok Pillar ,       Vaishali
  • Sanchi Stups ,       Raisen
  • Siri fort ,       Delhi
  • Kilinjar fort ,       Banda
  • Gingi fort ,       Villupuram
  • Bakel fort ,       Kasaragod
  • Belgaum fort ,       Belgaum
  • Palakkad Fort ,       Palakkad
  • Janjira Fort ,       Rajgad
  • Shivneri Fort ,       Junnar
  • Aligarh Fort ,       Aligarh
  • Allahabad Fort ,       Allahabad
  • Neemrana fort ,       Alwar
  • Ramgarh fort ,       Varanasi
  • Rajgad Fort ,       Pune
  • Pratap garh Fort ,       Satara
  • Purandar Fort ,       Pune
  • Lohagad Fort ,       Pune
  • Chanderi fort ,       Ashok nagar
  • Daultabad fort ,       Aurangabad fort
  • Bhongir Fort ,       Bhongir
  • Fontainhas ,       Goa
  • Fontainhas ,       Goa
  • Chowki Dhani                  ,       Jaipur
  • Fort Aguada ,       Goa
  • Colva Beach ,       Goa
  • Dudhsagar Waterfall ,       Goa
  • Chapel Of St Francis Xavier ,       Goa
  • Bondla wildlife Sanctuary ,       Goa
  • Sri Kamakshi Temple ,       Goa
  • Se Cathedral ,       Goa
  • Silised Lake                  ,       Alwar
  • Surinsar Lake ,       Jammu
  • Anjuna Beach ,       Goa
  • Goa State Museum ,       Goa
  • Mansar Lake ,       Jammu
  • Peer Kho Cave Temple ,       Jammu
  • City Palace                   ,       Alwar
  • Peer Baba Dargah ,       Jammu
  • Mubarak Mandi Palace ,       Jammu
  • Baga Beach ,       Goa
  • Aguada Fort ,       Panjim
  • Sariska Tiger Reserve         ,       Alwar
  • Sri Devaki Krishna Temple ,       Goa
  • Dona Paula Beach ,       Panjim
  • Bahu Fort ,       Jammu
  • Bhangarh Fort                 ,       Alwar
  • Benaulim Beach ,       Goa
  • Bawey Wali Mata Temple ,       Jammu
  • Raghunath Mandir ,       Jammu
  • Panjim ,       Goa
  • Amar Mahal Museum ,       Jammu
  • Flying Fox Neemrana           ,       Alwar
  • Camel Safari                  ,       Pushkar


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Udaipur, the city imposes intense romance and passion through a splendid natural beauty environment. A lover’s paradise complete. Udaipur is called the City of Aurora, ridges Aravallis’ lock in the palace, lakes, gardens and temples, is a land of dream getaway with a glorious past Mewari chivalrous sovereign. Udaipur has won a number of complimentary adjectives: “. The most romantic city in India” is a cool oasis in the dry heart of Rajasthan“, ” Venice of the East “,”City of Sunrise”,” City of Dreams ” .During the reign of Maharana Fateh Singh praised the virtues of the author that the Sisodias picturesque modern capital of Mewar,” the head of the Aryan race, the first lord of Aryavarta (the Aryan world) “. Modern Udaipur still breathes the air of romance with its urban hike for roads, circles (roundabouts), winding alleys, bustling bazaars and a picturesque panorama of old houses with whitewashed. Maharana Udai Singh, the founder of Udaipur, where the descendants of his courage and intelligence gathered to protect their land against foreign invasion of the Mongolians. The best luxury hotels have been built around and on the lake Pichhola (Lake Palace Hotel) add to the charm of a pleasant holiday makers. Udaipur is surrounded by an interesting small forts, cities and localities that have been investigated. It has a rich history is open, and expected.


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Tourism in Surat

The port city of Surat is situated on the left bank of the river Tapiola. E ‘known for their excellent survival instincts, after clashes have survived the plague, floods, and returns the time being. Today is the hub of textile and diamond businesses. Approximately 92 percent of the world’s diamonds are cut and polished here. Area is surrounded by Bharuch, Narmada, Navsari and Dang districts and the Gulf of Cambay.

Tour Highlights:

The ancient Dutch gardens, the tombs in English, Dutch and Armenian cemeteries and Makaipul, the old port are the places of interest. Other places to visit are the 14 th century fortress built by Muhammad Antigua Tughlak, now used for municipal offices, Musafarkhana, and Sardar Patel Museum century. There are beaches to Ubhrat (42 km), Tithal (108 km), Dumas (16 km) and Hajira (28 km) on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Vansa National Park is a place for nature lovers and bird watchers. Water Fun Park in Hazira Road (16 km) is a popular entertainment.


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Ranthambore National Park is popular not only for the tigers, but it is also known for a variety of flora and fauna. The park is situated on a plateau at the junction of the Aravalli and Vindhya Hill rolling fields. You can also find several lakes found in the park and enhance the beauty of this natural forest to a considerable extent. Ranthambore National Park is visited by many tourists from remote parts of India for its variety of fauna including mammals, amphibians, reptiles and a large population of fascinating bird species. If you want some relief from the bustle of the city, this place is an ideal retreat for a quiet time in peace and solitude. Due to its increasing popularity, Ranthambore is easily accessible by air, rail and road transport and the transport system is very effective

How to reach Ranthambore Air

Reach Ranthambore air transport is the most convenient way to transport and the airport is Jaipur. Jaipur is connected to other major destinations of the Indian domestic airlines.

How to reach Ranthambore rail

Ranthambore is also easily rail station and is located in Mumbai, Delhi Main, location, and links to Jaipur and other major countries in India. Some important train connections to 4005 Express, and Express Avadhuta Dehradun Express. Trains are regular and ensure the swift transportation of Ranthambore via corners of India.

Driving Directions Ranthambore

Easy access to Ranthambore is also delivered by road from the well-maintained network of roads and national can travel by road quite exciting. You can join the regular service in Ranthambore. For local transportation, you can not use taxis and rickshaws measured and Tonga as well.

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Ranakpur Rajasthan state is one of the five most important pilgrimage sites in Jainism. E ‘seat of an exceptionally beautiful temple complex of the Aravalli ranges and the need to visit for tourists coming to this region.


Ranakpur is located in a remote valley in the Aravali range. It is located about 60 km north of Udaipur in Pali district and boasts one of the largest Jain temples and the largest in the country. The place is well connected by road to other places in the region winters.


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Come November and the rich tradition of Rajasthan comes alive at Pushkar. A small hamlet, just 18 miles from the religious city of Ajmer, Pushkar, is host to an annual event called the Pushkar fair. The fair is visited by foreigners and Indian boats are perhaps the largest gathering for a fair share of international tourists in Rajasthan. Held in the Hindu month Kartik or November, the fair is a crowd puller.

Means more camels in the world and livestock fair, Pushkar Fair is truly a unique experience. The onset of winter brings the cool breeze of the south-west, the golden sand dunes reflecting various colors in each phase of the Sun, which contributes to natural colors are not just men dressed in the vibrant and women, or shops selling various colored products, but also decorated and decked camels and cattle are sold here. The charm of the fair, and also why it is more just world class made its original charm and very rural. Here, people spontaneously break into song or dance, they forget their daily miseries and enjoy racing camels and cattle. They buy goodies and partying. All this contributes to the charm and put it with a religious touch to it.

Pushkar is the only temple in India dedicated to Lord Brahma, the creator of three worlds. According to legend, Brahma was looking for a place to make yagnya, lotus fell from his hand where he had fallen and overhanging water. Since then, Pushkar Lake was born. Lake has stopped 52 bathing Ghat its banks. People flocked to these Ghat and take a dip in the holy lake and wash away all their sins, as is commonly believed here. It ‘was a full moon day of the month of Kartik that the lake was formed. This is a religious reason is given to the world the opportunity to be part of one of the largest fairs in the world.


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Mount Abu is home to many tourist attractions, natural beauties, historical and architectural Dilwara Jain temples in the complex of temples, carved in white marble,

built between the 11th and 13th century.

History Achalgarh fortress built in the 14th century by Rana Kumbha of Mewar. It contains several beautiful Jain temples, including Achaleswar Mahadev Temple (1412)

and Kantinath Temple (1513).

Cityheart Nakki lake is another popular attraction of Mount Abu. He is the Toad Rock on a hill near the lake. Raghunath Temple and Maharaja Jaipur Palace are also in the hills near Lake Nakki.

The mountain is also home to several Hindu temples, including the Adhar Devi Temple, carved in the rock, the temple Shri Raghunathji and sanctuary and the temple of

Dattatreya built atop the Guru Shikhar peak. The global headquarters of the order of the Brahma Kumaris Renunciates lady is also here, is that the spiritual world of

the University of the same name. It is also believed to be a footprint of Vishnu on top of Mount Abu. The Durga temple, Ambika Mata Temple is in a canyon of rock in

Jagat, just outside of Mount Abu.


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A popular getaway for people from Mumbai and Pune, Matheran is a hill station in the quiet Sahyadri range, at an altitude of 800 meters. Means “the forest above,Matheran was discovered in 1850 by a collector of Thane district court, Hugh Poyntz painted, and the basis of its development has been created by Lord Elphinstone,

Governor of Mumbai. Matheran has been included on the Ministry of Environment of the EU as an eco-sensitive region and is connected to the nearest town ments railway narrow track that runs from the 1907th As no vehicle is authorized to Matheran, you can run up Dastur Point, 11kms before Matheran, where you could go to main bazaar,either on foot or pony.


Matheran offers a panoramic view of 33 points can be found here. Some points to visit are the favorite Porcupine Point, Echo Point, Panorama Point, the point heart,

Monkey Point (monkeys, who live in the place) and many others, where you grab the most breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset.


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Located along the Chambal, the only perennial river in Rajasthan, Kota is a blend of a bygone era rich and growing industrial influences. It has the largest fertilizer factory in Asia. Surprisingly, Kota, The Hadoti region (Kota, Bundi and Jhalawar districts) remains largely unexplored tourism. From nature walks in the valleys of the region of castles and palaces, Kota offers much for travelers. The picturesque town was founded in 1264, but gained prominence in the 17th century when Rao Madho Singh became the ruler. Most palaces were built during his reign. Kota is also famous for the Kota School of Painting and recognized Kotadoria looms.


Kota has its fair share of forts, palaces, museums and temples. The impressive City Palace and there are strong Kota Barrage is the largest fortress complex in

Rajasthan and was built in the 17th century AD. Hathipol or Elephant Gate is the entrance of the fort, which also houses Rao Madho Singh Museum. The museum displays weapons, antique clothing, murals and toys. The upper level of the museum houses some of the best preserved frescoes from the school of Kota paintings.