Nawalgarh is a city located in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan state. Sekawati and is located in the city is famous for its many havelis that are in most places around the city. Havelis were built large scale, and sees many frescoes and paintings of them. The city is one of the few places that many of these are still well preserved. The city is located in north-east of the state.

There are a couple of forts, which are located in the region. Bala Kila Fort is known as a fortress, which was built Thakul Singh. Fategrah Forte is another structure of interest in the city Nawalgarh. Other important buildings of the city is Roop Niwas Palace, Sri Gopinath Ji Mandir Lakshmi Narayan Mandir and. These buildings are about 300 years and has survived in excellent condition. The buildings are characterized by many windows with lots of sculptures and engravings. Nawalgarh temples of the city has a unique architecture, and many sculptures and carvings, which are very rare. Podar Haveli Museum has many paintings and is a nice place to visit.


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  1. sarika joshi says:

    hi its very good to see Nawalgarh on googal Nawalgarh is my home town, i visit so many time my last visit was in feb 2011, my uncle is staying there, i woould like to see all the Haweli & Fort but i cant because i think is open only For Foreigner, Local People want be able to see, but i love my Native place Nawalgarh very much, i staying in Mumbai,& i m working But Whenever i Got The chance to come nawalgarh i visit, me & my Family Love Nawalgarg, Hope Next Time i Can see all Havelis & Fort,