Nalanda name to remind us all once the largest place of learning, Nalanda University. Nalanda district is located about 90 km southeast of Patna. How is the name of Nalanda was invented many legends attached to it. But the logic seems to be indicated by Hiranand Shastri. According to him, the name comes from two Sanskrit words “Nalam” and “From”. Nalam half lotus stems, which symbolizes knowledge and “From”: the donor, together giver “Nalanda” of knowledge. Nalanda became an important Buddhist and Jain pilgrimage destination because it was regularly visited by Lord Buddha and Mahavira.

Nalanda had come to the fore after the University of Nalanda was founded in the 5th century by the Gupta emperors. The University of Nalanda was one of the first universities in the world living with dormitories for students. There were about 10,000 students and 2000 teachers worldwide. This was also the first international university in Nalanda in the world. The university had high walls, doors, meditation halls with hundreds of classrooms. A key element of the university library on top of a nine-story building where copies punctilious texts were produced. The curriculum at Nalanda covered all areas of learning. He understood scriptures of Buddhism, Vedas, Hetu Vidya (Logic), Shabda Vidya (grammar), Chikitsa vidya (medicine), etc. The university has remained among the best places to study in the world until it is destroyed Bakhtiar Khilji in the 12th century.

Today, Nalanda is filled with many spoils of Buddhist stupas and pillars of the structures of several recordings on it. There are a number of monasteries as well here. Best time to visit Nalanda is from October to March when the temperature and climate are very favorable for the trip.