Calcutta, the city, which means many things to many people. For some, Calcutta is a city of joy, for others it is dirty, crowded and noisy. When the largest colonial city in the East, Kolkata and insulted as the cauldron of poverty, filth and disease. Today is one of the four major cities of India, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Alone in the village of the 17th century, Calcutta is an ancient city like Delhi. Like Mumbai and Chennai, has been largely the expansion of European powers, especially the British Raj. No wonder, Calcutta is one of the most beautiful buildings built in different styles Raj.

The metropolitan city of Calcutta in the Indian state of West Bengal extends between latitude 22 ° 82 ‘N and longitude 88 ° 20’ E. The city is well connected with other cities of India by train, bus and air services. Most countries in Asia have flight links to the city.