Rajasthan Golden City, so named because it is a magnificent structure in yellow sandstone, is an artistic marvel in the middle of a desert dry. magnificent palaces and havelis with complex sculptures, doors, windows and “jharokas” or balconies, showcase the art of working stone Jaipur better. Old is still alive, as busy township buzzes its walls. “Land of Sands” takes its name from Maharaja Jaisal and Bhatti Rajput clan, who built the city in 1156 once an important center of commerce,strategically located in the caravan trade route to Afghanistan and Central Asia, Jaisalmer saw The heyday from 1912 onwards. The former rulers grew rich looting jewelry, silk and opium from the caravans, but in the 16th century, Jaisalmer was relatively quiet, with lords and merchants compete against each other to introduce new found wealth. This led to the construction of great palaces and havelis enormous.

Typically, the desert city of Jaisalmer is all that he could imagine a fairy tale. The town is well fortified fortress in the yellow sandstone, carefully protect the medieval charm of the inside.