One of the greenest cities in the country and the capital of Gujarat, Gandhinagar is located 32 miles north on the west bank of the river Sabarmati. Named after Mahatma Gandhi, India is the second well planned city with broad avenues and major streets, after Chandigarh. Since the old Bombay state was divided in 1960 in Maharashtra and Gujarat, the city of Bombay went to Maharashtra. Gandhinagar then built a new capital for Gujarat. This architecturally integrated city has 30 sectors,each with their own shopping, health, community centers and housing colonies. Extensive planting of trees and large recreational areas along the Sabarmati River, gives the city a fresh atmosphere and green garden city.

The main attraction of Gandhinagar, the spectacular temple of Akshardham. Created by nearly 1,000 craftsmen, this is a temple carved and tens of thousands of visitors each day. This impressive masterpiece of 10 storeys high, finely sculpted architecture, dedicated a 7-meter high golden idol Lord Swaminarayan, founder of the Swaminarayan faith. You can also visit the Vithal Bhai Patel Bhawan, Bidhan Sabha or surrounded by a lake, with Sardar Bhawan, Narmada Bhawan, which all have excellent architecture.