Bhavnagar based Bhavsinhji Gohil (1703-1764 AD) in 1723 AD near the Gulf of Khambhat, were carefully chosen strategic location with a potential of maritime trade. Until independence, Bhavnagar State dominated the Gohil Rajput clan.

The Gohil Rajputs came to Gujarat from Marwar in 1260 AD and had three capital-Sejakpur and Sihor Umrala, before finally establishing Bhavnagar as their capital.

The old town of Bhavnagar was a fortified town with gates leading to other major cities in the region. Darbargadh (royal residence) was located in the city center. Rulers of Bhavnagar, and later moved Motibag Nilambag Palace.

Bhavnagar remained a major port for almost two centuries, commodities with Africa, Mozambique, Zanzibar, Singapore and the Persian Gulf. This flourising maritime trade resulted in the surplus wealth of high urbanization and growing cosmopolitan city.

How to reach Bhavnagar
By Air
flights are available for Bhavnagar from Mumbai
By Rail
railway station on Ahmedabad-Bhavnagar railway line
By Road
Ahmedabad (200 km), Rajkot (178 km), Vadodara(280 km)
By Local transfprt
Local buses and non-metered auto rickshaws.