Barmer is situated at a distance of 224 km from Jodhpur to Luni-Munabao share of Railways in the North. Situated atop a hill, like many towns in western Rajasthan is home to the remains of an old fort called Garh right at its peak. According to history, gave the 13th century founder of the area Bahad Rao (popularly known as Bar Rao) to the city its name – ie Bar Barmer fortified hill. Originally called “Bahad-Mer” it was then reduced to Barmer. Now the west of the city lie the ruins of Juna Barmer or Juna and south lie the ruins of Jain temples three. There is an inscription dated 1295AD on one of the pillars in the hall of the great temple of Juna. This mention of a Sri Samanta Sinha Maharajakula Deva Barmer decision at the time. Being an arid desert, the people of Barmer learned the hard way that they needed to develop unusual abilities to survive.

Thriving in this nothingness lies the town of Barmer in Rajasthan State, famous for its unique asset – the skilled and creative powers of man to create art, where there was none. Although it is a strip of barren land with harsh climate and terrain, Barmer is known for its rich crafts, dances and music. One of the ancient camel trade route, the city is now the center of woodcarving, ceramics, embroidery work mat block printed fabrics and multi-minimalist costumes.