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Located in the dry salt flats of Little Rann of Kutch, the beautiful little town Zainabad is located at the western tip of India. It is a swampy area of marshes and short thorny shrubs characterized by rustic establishments.

Zainabad attractions:

Zainabad many attractions and the beauty and charm Zainabad promising all sorts of great fun for tourists.

Wild life at Little Run of Kutch:
Tourist Attractions in Zainabad, Tourist Attractions of ZainabadIntroduction to Zainabad:

The wild asses are brown and black of the main attractions Zainab. These donkeys are found nowhere else in the world, but only to the Carrera Little Kutch, one of the largest sanctuaries in India. Many other wild animals such as Nilgai (Blue Bull), Chinkara, Black Buck, Jungle and Desert Cats can also be found. The different types of migratory birds will delight bird watchers.

Modhera – Modhera Zainabad is a short trip away and is 50 km away. 11. Modhera century Temple of the Sun is 108 smaller shrines. Develop stone sculptures are the external walls of the temple.

Patan: – The history of the city lies at a distance of 70 kms Zainab. Rani Ki Vav houses archaeological site, a well and Sahastralinga Talavera, an artificial reservoir that was built between the ages 14/08.

Bhuj: – Once ruled by the Jadeja dynasty, the city is home to many historical monuments.

Mandvi – beautiful beaches of Mandvi located off the coast of the Gulf of Kutch. Previously, it was a major port and naval base in the Kutch royal family. This is also one of the attractions Zainabad, Gujarat.

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Sariska National Park is one of the best known protected forests in India because it is also a famous tiger reserve. The park is an important component of tourism in Rajasthan, which is visited by dozens of tourists. Tourist Attractions in Sariska includes abundant wildlife, historic buildings in and near the national park, tourist sites near major fairs and festivals in the region.

Sariska wildlife includes many big animals, birds and wildlife. The vegetation varies depending on the topography of the park. The main species are Dhok, Khair, Tendu, Goria, Surwal and Ber. thorn bushes and grassland sparsely spread are also part of the flora. The animals are the real attractions in Sariska. Tigers, leopards, wild cat, caracal, hyena, jackal, fox and wild dogs down the list of carnivores here. The spotted deer (chital), nilgai, sambhar, porcupines, four horned antelope and wild boar are some of the herbivores in the forest. The park has an impressive bird population. partridges, sand grouse, quail, woodpeckers, kingfishers, great horns of an Indian, crested serpent eagle and are among the known bird species seen here.


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Samode, ideal for a retreat in the desert located in the Indian state of Rajasthan royal. This gateway is located in the desert of a tourist destination second Shekhawati in Rajasthan. Samode is a small village is famous Haveli and strong. Samode is very close to the beautiful green hills of Aravalli. Samode is also known for its beautiful Samode Palace and garden. The best way to explore the Samode is on a camel during the day. This gives passengers a good idea for the surrounding countryside.

Places to visit popular attractions Samode

Samode Palace

In the desert, on the basis of dry hills and rocky is the large spread haveli (palace) of Samode that stand out in a quiet environment surrounded by hills wild splendor. Samode Palace, which belongs to the Rawal of Samode is about 400 years and has been transformed into a comfortable hotel run by the family. It is an interesting building to rely on three levels, each with its own backyard. The highlight is the exquisite Diwan-i-Khas, covered with original paintings and mirrors.

The strong Sheograrh

A half hour walk up steep stone steps leading to the ancient fortress Sheograrh. This is where Samode people took refuge in time of war. It is an austere building, based on traditional lines.

Samode Bagh

Three kilometers from the village is polychromatic flowering shrubs, fruit trees and green meadows of Samode Bagh. It is a walled garden which once served as a playground for Samode Palace. It is an oasis in the scope of resistant dry desert tan.


Shekhawati is approximately two hours of Samode. This small town is famous for its havelis with frescos and murals. This place is also called the living art gallery in the world.


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Shekhavati lies inside the triangle, as Bikaner, Jaipur and Delhi – the region that is in the area. It’s a mini-desert region in northern Rajasthan. The region takes its name from its former leader Rao Shekha Shekhawati and the real meaning is “Garden Shekha.

The region is full of palaces (Havel) with magnificent murals. The whole region has mesmerized tourists Shekhavati million and was aptly dubbed the “Open Art Gallery” of Rajasthan. These century buildings 18 and 19 are distributed throughout the region Shekhavati. Shekhavati rich heritage of traditional arts, crafts and architecture.

Shekhavati is also home to some forts, minor castles, mosques, wells (baolis) and also the deer sanctuary. Ideally, the area would be forwarded Horse Safari Camel Safari, or enjoy a semi-desert and the formation of these well-preserved wall of painted Havelis. While the northern part of Rajasthan, it is common to find that most local Rajasthanis and Marwaris. Population is a genial and open, and all visitors are welcomed with open arms and a small tablet opium (Jaipur tradition).


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Nawalgarh is a city located in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan state. Sekawati and is located in the city is famous for its many havelis that are in most places around the city. Havelis were built large scale, and sees many frescoes and paintings of them. The city is one of the few places that many of these are still well preserved. The city is located in north-east of the state.

There are a couple of forts, which are located in the region. Bala Kila Fort is known as a fortress, which was built Thakul Singh. Fategrah Forte is another structure of interest in the city Nawalgarh. Other important buildings of the city is Roop Niwas Palace, Sri Gopinath Ji Mandir Lakshmi Narayan Mandir and. These buildings are about 300 years and has survived in excellent condition. The buildings are characterized by many windows with lots of sculptures and engravings. Nawalgarh temples of the city has a unique architecture, and many sculptures and carvings, which are very rare. Podar Haveli Museum has many paintings and is a nice place to visit.


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City of the Cosmic Dancer is 245 Kms away from Madras. The image of Nataraja (the dancing Shiva) represented by the bronze image known throughout the world as the most perfect creation in metal of art. The main image of Nataraja is within a rectangular shrine, covered with copper tiles and gold and it is called the “The Golden Hall”. The Chitrakootam is another shrine, situated adjacent to the Nataraja temple is dedicated to Lord Govindraja.


It is the second largest town of the three Nilgiri hill stations.  This place is very pleasant to relax. Places to visit are Sim Park , Lamb’s Rock, Udhagamandalam (Ooty), Botanical Gardens, Ooty Lake, Stone House, St. Stephen’s Church etc.


  •  Botanical garden  is good place to see
  •  The VOC Park and Zoo near the stadium has a toy train circuit.


Kanchipuram is situated 76 Kms southwest of Chennai.   This old city is known as ‘the Golden city of 1,000 temples’. It is famous for hand-woven silk fabrics.


Famous temples to see in Kanchipuram are

The Ekambareswara Temple,

The Kailasanatha (Shiva) Temple,

The Vaikunthaperumal Temple (Vishnu’s Paradise),

The Varadaraja  Temple ,

Tiger Cave,


Crocodile Bank ,


Vendantangal Bird Sanctuary .


It is one of India’s holiest sites.  Kanniyakumari Temple, Gandhi Mandapam, Vivekananda Memorial, Mundanthurai Tiger Sanctuary, Kuttralam ( Courtallam) ,Nagercoil etc are the places in and near kanyakumari.


It is the second largest city of Tamil Nadu. The Meenakshi Temple is the main attraction. Other then this is Tirumala Nayak Mahal.


It is the highly fertile delta of the Cavery River and the capital of the Cholas during their supremacy.The Brihadiswara Temple, The Raja Museum and Art Gallery, Thirukandiyur (10 km), Thiruvaiyaru (13 km, Tiruvarur (55 km), Velenkanni  (94 km)  are situated near city.


It is situated at the head of the Kaveri delta. The Rock Fort, The Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Sri Jambukeswara Temple, Thiruvanaikkaval all are famous for their temple architecture.


The island of Rameshwaram, spread out over 56 km of gentle sand dunes, embellished with casuarina trees and stark palms, is a sacred place for Hindus since, according to the Ramayana; this is where Rama worshipped Lord Shiva to absolve himself of the sin of killing Ravana.  This Southern state is referred to as the cradle of Dravidian culture because its ancient culture is distinguished by unique languages and customs.

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Best Places to see in Mumbai

  1. Gateway of India Mumbai

  2. Sea Link between Bandra-Worli

  3. Elephanta Caves

  4. Mount Mary Church

  5. Bombay Museum

  6. Shri Siddhivinayak

  7. IScon Temple

  8. Haji Ali Mosque

  9. Mahalakshmi Temple


  11. Juhu Beach

  12. Chowpatty Beach

  13. Kanheri Caves
  14. Marine Drive

  15. Gandhi Museum


  17. Colaba

  18. Konkan

  19. Bhau Daji Lad Museum

  20. Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai


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  • Agatti Island
  • Kalpeni Islands
  • Kadmat Islands
  • Kavaratti Island Lagoon
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Best Places to see in Delhi

Dilli Haat
Jama Masjid
Red Forts
Connaught Place
Qutab Minar
Birla Mandir Temple
Parliament Building
Jain Temple
Swaminarayan Akshardham
Humayun’s Tomb
Qutab Minar
Chandni Chowk
Lodi Gardens
Humayun’s Tomb
Bahai (Lotus) Temple
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Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  • Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island
  • Havelock Beach, Havelock Island
  • Jolly Buoy Island, Port Blair
  • Cellular Jail, Port Blair
  • Ross Island, Port Blair
  • Kaala Pathar Beach, Havelock Island
  • Chidiya Tapu, Port Blair
  • Neil Island, Havelock Island
  • Ross and Smith Island
  • Government Saw Mill Chatham, Port Blair
  • Samudrika Marine Museum, Port Blair
  • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
  • Ross Island
  • Fishery Museum, Port Blair